Mowers equipped with the next generation of RED Technology are a game-changer.

Exmark’s advanced patented RED Technology platform enables unprecedented communication among key mower systems. With a mower intelligence system on board, you can expect longer machine life, even more productivity, performance and significantly better fuel efficiency.

Defined Operation Modes

The new RED control module includes a LCD display screen with three multi-function push buttons, which replace the three-position rocker switch on first-generation RED-equipped machines. The buttons allow the user to select from the three defined operating (RPM) modes, or navigate through the menu screens. The operator can now select from six customizable engine speed set points for the Low, Efficient and Max modes, with the PTO engaged or without. Efficient Mode offers peak performance power with reduced fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and overall wear on the machine. Max Mode provides increased power for operating in demanding conditions. Low Mode enables optimal operation in wet conditions and helps reduce deck packing for a superior cut.

System Monitoring RED

The patented RED Technology system monitoring tracks engine temperature, oil pressure and the overall electrical system, placing the machine in Safe Transport Mode when critical thresholds are exceeded–allowing safe return for servicing. You’ll receive a visual warning of critical system issues.

Clutch Saver

The patented RED Technology system increases clutch life and improves operator efficiency with its clutch saver feature, which momentarily reduces engine RPM when the clutch is engaged to reduce component stress and wear, and has the ability to engage the cutting deck on the fly. RED Technology also monitors machine performance parameters and can place the mower in a “safe transport” mode (reduced RPM, clutch disengagement) if a critical engine or system issue is detected.

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Lazer Z w/ RED
Deck widths from 60″ to 96″